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About Framesocket

Framesocket is proudly being offered by the team that brought you WellcomeMat, a video system for local publishers, best known as the leader of real estate video. Since 2006, we've bootstrapped WellcomeMat, and successfully competed against VC backed and "free" video platforms by squarely focusing on the real estate vertical. We are now profitable and are here to offer the world Framesocket, a powerfully simple video platform for developers and content owners to tackle video projects of any size.

"How can I quickly, affordably and effectively integrate video into my blog, website or mobile applications? After many years of hyper-innovation, the video industry is still doing a very poor job of answering this question. Visit any video company's website and you'll find insanely long feature lists, confusing pricing models and, once you commit to using a particular platform, it's very difficult to leave. Shopping for a video platform is a scary...

When we decided that we would compete outside of the local/real estate industries, we asked ourselves, "knowing what we know about video, what are the most valuable aspects of video platforms and how can we offer only these things at an affordable rate?" Framesocket is our answer.

Framesocket is based in Boulder, Colorado and Brooklyn, NY

Founding Team

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Christian Sterner
Christian is a co-founder and CEO of WellcomeMat (framesocket's real estate-focused parent) and allegedly sparked the creation of framesocket by asking, "how do we solve the core problems of video publishers outside of the real estate industry in the most simple way?"

His roles within the framesocket team are revenue growth, product strategy, competitive positioning, and business development.

Christian is 37% New Jersey, 20% Georgia Bulldog, and 40% Boulder, Colorado. His professional goal is "to change the world for the better via creative business endeavors and to help others with the same focus." He lives with his wife Jackie and two daughters (Mae & Greta) in Boulder, Colorado and loves mountain sports, surfing, lacrosse, bicycles and soccer.

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Phil Thomas Di Giulio
Phil is Co-founder of WellcomeMat (framesocket's real estate-focused parent) and an active member of the New York start-up community. Prior to WellcomeMat, Phil worked with prominent New York and Philadelphia based advertising agencies as a UI/UX designer and emerging media specialist. Phil now uses those skills to build and launch next generation products and brands.

His roles within the framesocket team are product branding, strategy and design. When no one’s looking he can occasionally be found dabbling in marketing and business development.

Phil resides in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Anne and daughter Penn. In his spare time he's likely to be found consuming caffeine, riding waves, and/or mixing music for family and friends.

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David Overcash
David is a founding member of the Framesocket product team, a Chicago native, and is known to the development community as @funnylookinhat. David single-handedly ported the best of WellcomeMat into the Framesocket product and serves as an advocate to all Framesocket customers, partners and developers. David also serves as the Manager of Web Operations for WellcomeMat and was the technical co-founder of Pegshot, a mobile video and photo service used to quickly share what's happening where you are.

David grew up playing soccer, loves his wife, loves travelling, and intends to improve the lives of under-privileged children.

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