Embedding Media

All media can be displayed / embedded with the same embed code. The universal embed code supports Desktop Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones - including support to display both photos and videos seamlessly. It's suggested to give the iframe the exact dimensions of your media, including the proper aspect ratio, so that your media is not stretched innapropriately.

Embed Code:

The iFrame Universal Embed code is fairly straightfoward; you should make sure to preserve the frameborder="0" and scrolling="no" attributes to prevent any legacy browsers from incorrectly displaying your media.

<iframe src="http://framesocket.com/embed/HASHCODE/" width="WIDTH" height="HEIGHT" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Tracking Specific Users:

You can pass along a specific session ID for the user browsing your site by appending it to the URL. For example, to track a user with a session ID of "abcd1234" you would use the following:

<iframe src="http://framesocket.com/embed/HASHCODE/abcd1234/" width="WIDTH" height="HEIGHT" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Flash (SWF) Embed:

Should you require direct access to the Flash Video Player that Framesocket uses, you can reference it at the following URL:

Embedding the SWF should work similarly to any other <embed> tag:

<embed src="http://framesocket.com/embed_flash/HASHCODE/" width="WIDTH" height="HEIGHT" allowscriptaccess="ALWAYS" allowfullscreen="TRUE"></embed>
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