Understanding Video & Photo Processing

It is extremely important to understand that videos will not be over-processed: meaning that if you upload a video with a frame size of 640x360, the best quality video you will receive is 360p. Similarly, photos are only processed up to their best possible quality. If you upload a file that is 1024x768, you will not have a large photo encoded, as that maintains a minimum resolution of 1080 pixels. It is important to note - however - that no matter what size video you upload - you will receive, at minimum, a 270p and 360p video in response.

Minimum Video Requirements for Processed Files

  • 270p : None
  • 360p : None
  • 480p : Frame height of 480 pixels
  • 720p : Frame height of 720 pixels
  • 1080p : Frame height of 1080 pixels

Minimum Image Requirements for Processed Files

  • Icon: None
  • Square : None
  • Thumbnail : None
  • Small : None
  • Medium : Minimum height and width of 720 pixels
  • Large : Minimum height and width of 1080 pixels
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