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Framesocket is the easiest way to
integrate and build an audience around video content.
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Gather Video Content for Your Media Channel

Easily Gather Content from Anywhere. Have your team upload their videos via or desktop uploaders. Using the Framesocket API, developers can offer video uploads to your web or mobile users and ingest any number of videos from third parties. No service makes it easier to build your video content library.


Fast Integration. Quickly customize your video player and channel > apply them within your site. Automatically integrate videos into your site's landing pages.

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Automated Audience Building Our core mission is to help you build traffic, viewers and audience on your turf. You will either get a brand pop with every view (through your custom video player) OR traffic on your site.

Bring Viewers to Your Site via Search Engines. Videos posted to Framesocket are automatically indexed with search engines via Google Video Sitemaps and MRSS. This means that people will run searches via search engines > find your videos within organic search results > land on your website where your videos are embedded.

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Mobile Compatibility. All videos uploaded to Framesocket will playback on any web enabled device and your channel is 100% mobile ready. Quickly and easily build videos into your site, mobile site or mobile applications.


Flexibility. Our team offers what we believe to be the best video foundation on the market, but we know our limitations. If your designers and developers want full control, we make it possible and frictionless to create entirely unique video experiences. Via our competently supported API, your team is free to: plug in your own CDN, implement your own players, implement ads, use your own reporting tools etc.

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No Limits. Gather videos from an unlimited amount of users and sources. There are no limits to the amount of videos you can securely store or serve via our content delivery network (CDN).

Risk-Free. Pay as you go -- cancel anytime. Because we are confident in our product, we make it easy to leave, at any time, with your content (and associated data) in its most useful form. No video platform makes it so easy to switch to another service.


Easy, Affordable Pricing. Framesocket can fit the budget of individuals, teams, and enterprises of any size.

$25 Per Month
(includes 5 Gigabytes of Storage and Delivery)
+ $.50 Per GB Storage
+ $.25 Per GB Transfer


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